Jerry Neal, one of RF Micro’s three co-founders, has teamed up with best-selling author Jerry Bledsoe to talk about entrepreneurship, high tech and RF Micro’s story.

“Fire in the Belly” is published by Down Home Press and distributed by John Blair, Publishers.

The book is described as “a wild ride through the technology boom of the 1990’s, from the layoffs that inspired the company’s founding to just nine years later when RF Micro Devices had a market value of $16 billion, twice that of its technology partner, defense contractor TRW.”

Neal, Bill Pratt and Powell Seymour founded the company. Pratt and Seymour were laid off by Analog Devices in 1991 and convinced Neal to leave his job in order to launch RF Micro. Pratt had designed the first radio frequency integrated circuits. Now, the book says, more than half of cell phones include power amplifiers made by RF Micro.

Neal is executive vice president for marketing and strategic development at RF Micro,

Bledsoe has written more than 20 books, including the New York Times top bestseller “Bitter Blood.”