Ascot technologies and The Corporate Investment Center have teamed up to develop an investor relations product for private companies.

The web-base application is called STAR – Strategic Tool For Accountability Relations.

“We worked together to create an entirely unique product for private companies to communicate with shareholders and potential investors,” said Mary Ellen Randell, the CEO of Ascot, in a statement. “We have developed a comprehensive investor relations solution that rivals the functionality of investor relations products that public companies use, but at a much more affordable price, and tailored to the needs of small private companies.”

STAR is designed to be hosted alongside a client’s existing web site, and contains both a public site, where any interested viewer can investigate the company, and a special pass-word protected area. Accredited investors and other sources of capital must first certify their credentials and then seek authorization from the company to enter the four levels of increasing security. Only investors who certify that they have conducted preliminary due diligence and have a pre-existing relationship with the company are allowed to enter the secure area.

“This new tool can be used over and over again by companies to raise future rounds of capital, and it automates the entire process of communicating with shareholders, both during and after the offering,” said Tom Vass, president of The Corporate Investment Center, an investment advisor to private high tech companies. e wanted to give companies maximum control over the process of raising capital, including the ability to set the terms and conditions of their offering. The STAR investor relations solution allows companies to seek capital from across the U. S. and from around the world, by giving them a global web-based communication technology.”


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