Companies focused on security software to stem cell research make up the first round of firms selected to present at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development’s annual venture capital conference.

Adigy, Asklepios, Biolex, Integrian, Refense and Stemco made the initial cut among applicants.

The conference is set for April 26-27 in Pinehurst.

Other companies wishing to present have until Dec. 31 to apply.

“We have just started our selection process and have already been exposed to many entrepreneurial companies with bold plans and impressive management,” said Ken Lee, general partner with Hatteras BioCapital and chairman of the Venture 2005 Selection Committee, in a statement. “We will add many more presenting companies to the conference schedule over the next three months.”

Summaries of the presenting firms, as provided by the CED:

  • Adigy Corporation (Durham) is developing new biosensors with digital radio technology to uncable and ambulate physiologic monitoring in the hospital and elsewhere. Adigy captures a broad stream of high-margin, single-use disposables with proprietary wireless sensors at a price point comparable to conventional wired disposables.

  • Asklepios BioPharmaceutical (Chapel Hill) is developing cellular-based, protein therapies using its proprietary biological nanoparticle (“BNP”) delivery technology to deliver a broad variety of biological material to a cell, including therapeutic genes, monoclonal antibodies, growth factors, vaccines and potential RNAi applications. The company is currently developing gene therapy treatments for Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy and Congestive Heart Failure.

  • Biolex (Pittsboro) utilizes its transformational LEX System to develop recombinant human therapeutic proteins that, until now, have been impossible or very expensive to develop in existing protein expression systems. Biolex is developing its own pipeline of hard-to-make proteins and monoclonal antibodies, and, in parallel, is establishing partnerships with a number of top-tier pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

  • Integrian (Research Triangle Park) is a mobile digital video company providing digital video solutions that allow customers to capture, tag, archive, view and search digital video for various security and informational purposes. Markets served by Integrian include the public safety and transit industries.

  • Refense Technologies (Raleigh) is a security software company providing solutions to secure sensitive data and network devices from attacks. The company’s flagship product, Network Device Scanner, provides a solution to proactively identify vulnerabilities within wireless and wired network devices.

  • StemCo Biomedical (Durham) is developing and commercializing proprietary products that improve the identification and selection of more effective adult stem cell populations for use in the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases and for other regenerative medicine applications. The expanded applications of StemCo’s platform technology will include autoimmune diseases, anemias, tissue regeneration and cell plasticity.
  • Fred Hutchison of Hutchison & Mason and April Young of Comerica, Technology and Life Sciences Division.

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