PolyVision, a Georgia-based firm, has won a contract with the government of Mexico to provide electronic, interactive whiteboard technology for that nation’s schools.

PolyVision, which is a subsidiary of Steelcase, will furnish 2,700 of the whiteboards for use across Mexico. PolyVision’s Touch-Sensitive series will be distributed by Rizzo Commercial, which is based in Mexico and is a PolyVision partner.

Software from Enclomedia is used in 22,000 classroms and Mexico wanted a compatible PC-based system for use with

“PolyVision’s TS Series interactive whiteboards allow users to capture, annotate and highlight information as well as distribute it in a variety of methods not available with standard erase-able whiteboards,” PolyVision said in a statement. “Captured information can then be printed, emailed, faxed, or uploaded to the Internet.”

PolyVision also offers software for its products in Spanish.

PolyVision: www.polyvision.com