The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has completed deployment of applications from Mobile reach International designed to helpd the FDIC track its information technology assets.

Mobile Reach’s AssetReach solution enables FDIC technicians to use handheld devices to scan barcodes on IT devices for incorporation into a database. The FDIC used the application as part of a year-end audit and believes the software will produce savings in costs related to personnel, error and tracking time.

The time for the audit was cut to one month from three; the number of technicians was cut to 35 from 50; and the number of errors were reduced, the FDIC said.

Mobile Reach said it had to meet several criteria for the project:

  • Capability of collecting the asset information when there is no network connection available

  • High adoption rate of the technology among the mobile users

  • Self sufficiency which allows FDIC to build, alter, or support the application set
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    “Without a mobile solution we are unable to be certain that the assets in the field match up with the assets in the database,” said Cassandra Monroe, asset manager at FDIC, in a statement. “We were manually collecting this data and then inputting it into the Remedy (database) system. If any discrepancies occurred, we were not sure if the error was in Remedy or if one of the mobile workers inaccurately wrote down the asset information. We need to have reliable data to make an informed business decision on our assets.”

    Mobile Reach: