SecureWave, a provider of security software, is one of the “Top 100 Innovator” companies picked by technology publication Red Herring.

SecureWave will also discuss its technology and products at an emerging technology showcase sponsored by Forrester, a top IT research and analysis firm, this week.

SecureWave was selected as an “endpoint innovator”.

N2 Broadband, which is based in Atlanta, also cracked the Red Herring list. N2 Broadband is a provider of scalable, open-standard solutions for on-demand entertainment.

“The Red Herring Top 100 Innovator award and Forrester ETS invitation validate SecureWave as an emerging endpoint security leader,” said Bob Johnson, CEO of SecureWave, in a statement. “The classical approach to information security is to develop and introduce solutions that fit neatly into technology category ‘boxes’. This has affected much of the latest innovations in information security by limiting advances to low-level technology. Innovation is about thinking outside the box.

“SecureWave began its quest by taking a fresh look at how we could solve today’s most pressing endpoint security problems,” he added. “Our market acceptance and recognition through this award confirm to us that the market is ready for a change in how it thinks about information security.”

Red Herring Top 100 Innovators includes a variety of public and private companies selected from more than 1,200 submissions.

The Forrester conference runs through Friday in Scottsdale, AZ.

SecureWave is based in Luxembourg and recently opened an office in Durham.