Cisco Systems is targeting a so-called “triple play of the move” strategy as part of its strategy to drive sales to service providers.

Cisco also announced Sunday a strategic alliance with Fujitsu, the largest computer manufacturer in Japan, to drive router sales in that market.

The developer of network devices and services has unveiled a number of new and enhanced product announcements that focus on convergence and applications. Cisco said its products are designed to help service providers and networking firms developed converged offerings for high-speed data, voice and video as part of Internet-Protocol based next-generation networks (IP NGN).

“These networks are critical to service providers worldwide to provide current and future services, increase infrastructure efficiencies and provide the value-added network and service control carriers need for long-term success,” Cisco said in a statement.

Softbank BB, the largest broadband provider in Japan with a service branded as Yahoo! BB, has selected the CRS-1 line of routers from Cisco for its network backbone infrastructure.

“As a leading broadband content and services provider, we continue to focus on delivering profitable, innovative services such as broadband Internet access, video-on-demand, and online gaming services with the highest quality and reliability to bring the broadband revolution to Japan,” said Keiichi Makizono, general manager of the technology division for Softbank BB, in a statement. “The Cisco CRS-1 is the ideal system to build a large-scale, resilient, multi-service network infrastructure which is essential to meet the requirements in the world’s most advanced broadband market.”

Telecom Italia, the National Institute of Informatics of Japan, and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center are also using CRS routers, which have a starting price of $225,000, according to Cisco.

The IP NGN strategy focuses on three points:

  • Network convergence, bringing together separate networks into a more efficient and cost-effective structure

  • Service convergence the “triple play on the move” thinking, with helps create delivery of voice, video, data and mobility services for wireline and wireless convergence.

  • Application convergence, creating new network capabilities and end-user devices to support more service opportunities.

    In the Fujitsu deal, Fujitsu and Cisco will jointly develop high-end routers, work on routing and switching, and seek to improve support and service. The companies said they also would work together on a joint go-to-market campaign.