iAdvantage Software, which is focused on solutions for life sciences companies, is introducing a new web-based management platform called Data Management System.

The new product augments iAdvantage’s Biotechnology Management System and is intended to help companies move away from paper-based records solutions.

“By broadening the scope of the DMS system, we have further expanded our ability to provide a complete data management solution to our clients,” said Fate Thompson, CEO of iAdvantage, in a statement. “Throughout the development of DMS, our scientists and IT professionals engaged life science companies for their input and evaluation to ensure we addressed the critical marketplace demands.”

Key components include:

  • Design and Management, a web-based graphical interface for the definition of test articles, test systems, trial locations, treatments, samples and observations

  • Web Data Collector, an application to build and revise data collection forms for electronic lab notebooks

  • Document Generator, a tool to aggregate and report data on demand, from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • The company has also updated and revamped its website.

    For details, see: www.iadvantagesoftware.com