WAKE FOREST,ESPN, the cable sports conglomerate, will use Sprint’s PCS Network to offer a phone service geared to sports fans in 2005.

The new service will be called ESPN Mobile.

It will include sports programming and sports-related applications such as streaming audio and video. ESPN also plans to sell branded headsets, accessories and other applications from ring tones to graphics and logos.

“Our goal is to extend our leadership and expertise in the two-screen environment, the television and computer, to a third screen that is becoming increasingly important to sports fans – the wireless device,” said George Bodenheimer, president of ESPN Inc. and ABC Sports. “This enhances our mandate to serve fans anytime, anywhere, and Sprint’s leadership in this medium will help lay the foundation for our success.”

Sprint is expanding the reach of its high-speed PCS wireless network that utilizes Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) technology.

The companies said ESPN Mobile would be responsible for billing, customer relations, pricing, packaging and distribution.

Sprint PCS: www.sprintpcs.com