Ellen Kitzis, an executive at the consulting and analysis firm Gartner, will close out the Charlotte Chamber Information Technology Charlotte (ITC) speaker series on Nov. 29.

Kitzis, who is vice president of the Americas Group for Gartner, will discuss “The New CIO Leader: Setting the Agenda, Delivering Results.” Kitzis also is part of the CIO group at Garnter which works with more than 2,000 CIOs.

Her address will explore the role of chief information officers and such points as:

  • Why does your organization need a new CIO leader?

  • What are the key behaviors of a successful new CIO leader?

  • How close are you to becoming a new CIO leader?
  • She is co-author with Marianne Broadbent on a forthcoming book (December 2004) from HBS Press, The New CIO Leader: Setting the Agenda and Delivering Results.

    The event will be at the Charlotte Westin starting at 11:30 AM.

    For details, see: itc.charlottechamber.com