Stinger Systems has received a patent pending for new technology used in its stun gun that shoots projectiles.

The QuadraShock technology includes multiple projectiles that are part of its non-lethal technology. It includes four darts rather than other guns that have two and can strike targets up to 31 feet away, which is farther than traditional stun guns, the company said.

“By extending the range, the Stinger provides officers with an increased reactionary gap time for standoff situations or for times when a subject charges an officer,” said Robert Gruder, chairman and CEO of Stinger, in a statement. “In addition, if a subject flees an officer, the Stinger now offers a greater chance to subdue the subject and not put an officer in additional danger.”

The charge is triggered if two of four darts hit the target. The company noted that if all four darts strike the charge is not doubled.