Synthematix is adding thousands of chemical compounds to its Arthur Suite electronic library through a deal with Sigma-Aldrich.

The companies said the additions will enable users of Synthematix electronic laboratory notebook services to speed up planning, improve accuracy and streamline purchasing of materials.

Sigma-Aldrich will make available 85,000 chemical substances. The company is a leading global supplier of chemicals for research.

The Arthur Suite helps chemists plan reactions by using aggregated scientific data from a variety of databases and then record the experiments.

“Synthematix is a leader in helping chemists utilize compounds for important and safe chemical transformations,” said David Feldker, a vice president for Sigma-Aldrich. “Its innovative ELN solution is an important contribution to the industry. We supply the world’s leading selection of fine chemicals…making our data more easily accessible to Synthematix’s customers makes good business sense and supports our common customer base.”