HyperBranch Medical Technology, a startup based in Raleigh, earned Outstanding Early Stage Presentation honors at the Southeastern Bio Investor Forum in Miami.

The conference was the first time HyperBranch presented. In all,16 early-stage companies were selected to meet with investors at the two-day event. HyperBranch was selected as one of four semi-finalists for a second round of presentations and then won the award.

“It is a tremendous honor to be given this award, especially since there were fifteen other companies who also had amazing technology,” said Anthony Sherbondy, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of HyperBranch, in a statement. “We hope this award helps continue the momentum toward achieving our funding milestones.”

HyperBranch is a biomaterial medical device company, formed to develop products for ocular surgery, to help to restore vision or prevent serious vision loss. These products will be created using principles from polymer chemistry and biomedical engineering.

HyperBranch: www.hyperbranch.com