AirDefense, a provider of wireless security services, and Cisco have teamed up to add AirDefense applications with Cisco’s Aironet wireless local area internet product.

Aironet will include wireless intrusion detection system and intrusion protection system technologies from AirDefense.

“With the rapid growth of intelligent WLAN devices and increasing customer concern about wireless perimeter security, Cisco is pleased to expand our product offering by working with AirDefense,” said Bill Rossi, vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Wireless Networking Business Unit, in a statement.

AirDefense offers what it calls a “self-managed” wireless protection system.

The integration of AirDefense and Cisco Aironet enables wireless access points to be used as sensors to feed data to AirDefense enterprise services. The products are also synchronized, meaning reduced deployment and operational costs, the companies said. Networking monotiring and control is shared between Cisco’s CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine and the AirDefense enterprise server.

“As a large customer of Cisco wireless infrastructure and AirDefense wireless IDS, we saw a significant benefit in bringing together the two products to build a more secure wireless network,” said JD Fluckiger, computer protection program manager of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, in a statement issued by Cisco and AirDefense. “The integration of these two major solutions should lower costs and improve security by enabling flexible deployment of IDS capability and will reduce the cost of deployment and on-going management as well as increase the level of security.”

AirDefense’s system monitors all wireless LAN activities for rogue detection, policy enforcement and intrusion protection.