INI Power Systems, a company that is developing a new line of fuel cell technology, has landing $3 million in venture capital funding as well as a major federal research grant.

INI, which relocated to Cary from Illinois in order to be closer to the Army Research Office in Research Triangle Park, received the Series A funding from Morrissey Hawthorne Inc. of Calgary, Canada; MHI Energy Partners of Norwalk, CT; and Illinois Ventures of Chicago.

The grant for $750,000 is a Phase II Small Business Technology Transfer award from the Army Research Office. It received an initial grant of $100,000.

Illinois Ventures also funded the company early on with $100,000.

INI is seeking to develop lightweight portable power devices based on its micro-fuel cell technology. The cells are powered by methanol.

INI is researching use of microfluidic fuel cells for batteries to power such devices as laptop computers far longer than existing batteries, perhaps up to 24 hours.

INI wants to develop devices for the Army as well as for commercial applications. The company, which was launched in Illinois, uses technology licensed from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The company was launched in 2001 by Larry Markoski, a researcher at the Illinois school. He now is the company’s president and chief technology officer.

The Army Research office is focused on long-range planning, research and development and acquisition of technology for Army-wide applications.