RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Whenever a pesky journalist had a chance to talk with Dave Jones, the president and CEO of Peak 10, in recent months he asked about rumored plans for new venture capital and expansion plans.

“Remember the good news I told you that might be coming, that something was pending” Jones said by phone from Peak 10’s headquarters in Charlotte. “Well, this is it.”

Peak 10 is announcing Friday that it has acquired Xodiax, a privately held provider of managed services, collocation, hosting and networking.

At the same time, Peak 10 received an additional investment from Seaport Capital and Frontier Capital.

Neither the price of the acquisition nor the amount of VC investment was disclosed.

The acquisition was “in the millions” and was “an all-cash deal”, Jones said.

The deal expands Peak 10’s footprint from the Gulf of Mexico to the Ohio River. Peak 10 now has data centers in five areas, including Research Triangle Park plus Jacksonville and Tampa in Florida.

Xodiax, which as founded in 1999 and has a number of high-profile customers, will keep its name and brand, operating as Xodiax, a Peak 10 Company, Jones said. All of its 14 employees will be retained. Xodiax recently was ranked 85th on Inc Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing companies.

Both companies are profitable.

As part of the deal, Jeff Biggs of Xodiax will become vice president of engineering for Peak 10, said Don Esterle, president and CEO of Xodiax. Esterle said he and other senior managers at Xodiax would remain with the company.

“We were given substantial incentives to stay for at least a year,” Esterle told Local Tech Wire. “We want to maintain the continuity of our operations.”

Peak 10 purchased all interests in Xodiax from angel investors in Louisville.

Desires for growth led in part to the deal with Peak 10, Esterle said.

“We are very good at operating one facility, and we faced the learning curve of operating multiple facilities,” he explained. “Peak 10 already has four facilities and three to four years of experience in operating multiple facilities.

“Also, our board of directors and investors had the opportunity to get a good return. They found Peak 10’s offer very acceptable and they would incur no more risk.”

Jones said Peak 10 and Xodiax had worked together in the past.

“This culminates a relationship we’ve had with this company for at least two years,” he explained. “We do things very similarly. — The culture was very critical to me. We are a great fit with each other.

“They also have a very smart management team in place — smart leaders and technologies. We will see some benefit from what they have learned.”

The expansion also gives Peak 10 another location far from any ocean. “This is a significant disaster recovery location,” Jones said, pointing out the hurricanes that pounded Florida this year that also sent rain pouring into North Carolina. “This one’s not in hurricane alley.”

Jones stressed that the deal does not indicate an end to Peak 10’s growth plans.

“This deal establishes us clearly as one of the strongest operations in this sector,” he said. “Our plan does not stop here. It’s full speed ahead.

“We’re still on the growth curve. We’re not at the peak yet.”

Peak 10: