EarthLink filed another set of lawsuits against numerous alleged spammers on Thursday.

It was part of a coordinated strike against email abusers. Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo! also filed suits in various federal courts.

EarthLink is going after 50 “John Does” accused of violating federal CAN-SPAM legislation and other laws in solicitations for mortgages and drug sales.

Charges include:

  • Falsifying “from” e-mail addresses (spoofing)

  • Using deceptive subject lines

  • Failing to include a physical address in the e-mail

  • Failing to provide an electronic opt-out option

  • Falsifying the e-mail header information

  • Illegally selling, leasing or giving away consumers’ names and e-mail addresses

  • Using open proxies to transmit spam e-mail

  • Using automated programs to generate possible e-mail addresses by combining names, letters and numbers into numerous combinations (dictionary attacks)
  • EarthLink: