QuikDrop, a developer of drop-off stores for people wanting to sell items on eBay, will open its first North Carolina franchise in Cary in January, the company said Tuesday.

The franchise was granted to Audry and Geoff Groves, who have Internet and eBay selling experience, according to the company. The Groves were given the option to open 29 stores.

QuikDrop stores allow sellers to bring in items valued at $50 or more to be sold on eBay. The items are photographed and later listed
on the auction site.

QuikDrop said it handles the sale and shipments of the items. A check is sent to each seller for items sold. QuikDrop charges a commission for each sale.

The company opened its first franchise in August of last year and plans to open 500 locations across the US.

For information about franchises, see: www.quikdropfranchise.com