SecureWave, the European company that recently opened an office in RTP, is rolling out a security product designed to monitor portable devices linked to enterprises.

Sanctuary Device Control with Device Shadowing is touted as Unveils Device Shadowing for Sanctuary Device Control as “the industry’s first endpoint security solution that records and audits every piece of information written to an authorized portable device, while blocking all unauthorized devices and media from corporate PCs and laptops,” the company says.

Device Shadowing provides the audit trail and is patent pending technology.

SecureWave says its products will allow network administrators to maintain a “whitelist” or authorized devices and block all others.
Such controls and audit trails will help companies meet increasingly tighter requirements of companies to protect data, the company says.

“Devices are a Swiss-army knife for wreaking havoc on corporate networks, providing the ability to intentionally or unknowingly upload malicious files or download sensitive data from inside an organization’s perimeter defenses,” said Bob Johnson, CEO of SecureWave, in a statement.

“Security professionals realize that the perimeter has disappeared and that most endpoints are regularly accessed by peripherals, devices and media which are outside of the corporate domain,” he added. “In an era of insider theft, blended threats and government-regulated data, enterprises need to take a proactive approach to blocking unauthorized access, while tracking the flow of sensitive information to authorized devices.”