Peak 10, a provider of data services and storage, is expanding its disaster recovery services with a “Recovery Express” subscription offering.

The company, which operates data centers in Charlotte, RTP, Jacksonville and Tampa, bills the offering as an “affordable” option for small and medium businesses.

Peak 10 saw a surge in business before and after the recent hurricanes struck Florida with new clients seeking reliable facilities.

The service includes a variety of offerings, including access to workspace, bandwidth and hardware plus mobile workstations fitted with computers, telephones and satellite broadband access.

“Small and mid-sized companies make-up the largest segment of our economy and are the most vulnerable when a disaster like a hurricane or power outage strikes,” said Frank Mobley, vice president of operations for Peak 10, in a statement. “Recovery Express levels the playing field by providing these organizations with an affordable disaster recovery solution that is robust and scalable. It’s important for small and mid-sized businesses to understand that disaster recovery plans are not only associated with the budgets and infrastructures of Fortune 500 companies.”

Peak 10: