Red Hat is the newest technology firm to become a member of the Center for Embedded Systems research at North Carolina State University.

The headquarters for the Linux software developer and service provider is located at NCSU’s Centennial Campus.

The CESR, which was established in September of 2003, is involved in
research and design for embedded computer systems. Other corporate participants include Ericsson, Renesas and Qualcomm.

“Red Hat is a logical partner for the center,” said Thomas M. Conte, professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the CESR, in a statement. “The goal of the center is to reach out to increase relationships with industry leaders to enhance the teaching and research that we conduct. This partnership will provide opportunities for our students and faculty to interact with an industry leader.”

Conte said working with Red Hat is important since Linux is becoming parts of more embedded systems.

“We are researching design,” he explained, “and you can’t do cutting-edge design research on embedded systems without partnering with industry.”

As part of the agreement, William Cohen, a systems researcher with Red Hat, will devote time each week at the center conducting research and working with students and faculty.

Red Hat: