Alpine Electronics of America is incorporating security applications from Lancope as part of its efforts to protect its core network linking nine different locations.

Lancope’s StealthWatch products are designed to monitor enterprise networks and detect intrusion efforts through behavior-based threat defense and continuous real-time network insight.

“As a leading automotive sound system and navigation supplier with a critical reliance on network availability, Alpine Electronics constantly looks to new, innovative technologies that enable us to defend our mobile electronics network against the ever-evolving spectrum of threats to our network,” said Vasile Guilea, information systems manager for Alpine Electronics, in a statement.

“Lancope offers an innovative solution in StealthWatch that delivers unique awareness allowing us to discover and address network exposures before they become crises as well as significantly reduce the time from a network event to its successful resolution,” he added.

Once installed, the StealthWatch appliance identified several infected hosts on Alpine Electronics’ network. The system enabled Alpine’s network engineering team “to discover and mitigate threats from infected computers at its European affiliates which were attempting to communicate and infect its U.S.-based research affiliates,” Lancope said.