David Logan, president of Covelight Systems in Cary, warned at a security conference last week that companies must be on guard against hacking of web applications.

Speaking at the speak Emerging Technologies Showcase of the Information Security Decisions 2004 conference in Chicago, he pointed out that about 70 percent of Internet attacks come through the web-application layer.

“A firewall isn’t enough any more,” Logan said. “Many security systems protect your network, but until now, nothing was available to mind the web-based systems you use among customers, suppliers, employees and partners. Our technology lets you know when the threats are occurring, in real time, not after the damage is done.”

Covelight has developed a software that addresses web application security. It is called Percept, and it is designed to “see” what employees are doing with a company web app and to report any suspicious behavior.

Covelight: www.covelight.com