StrikeIron, a developer of web services, and Zack’s Investment Research have formed a partnership to offer pay-per-use investment information.

StrikeIron is making the offer through its Web Services Business Network, which now has more than 900 elements.

Zacks compiles daily electronic data feeds and printed research reports on thousands of companies from hundreds of analyst firms.

“Putting this critical investment information into the hands of investors in real-time empowers investors to realize more value from their data,” said Leonard Zacks, CEO of Zacks Investment Research, in a statement. “In addition, the easy to use tools and services provided by the StrikeIron Web Services Business Network allows more investors to take advantage of Zacks comprehensive data.”

The offering includes:

  • StrikeIron Zacks Company Profile Premium Web Service, which includes company descriptions and general corporate information; stock pricing, market cap and peer information, EPS, dividend and key financial ratios, plus in-depth contact and key executive information

  • StrikeIron Zacks Analyst Summary Premium Web Service, which includes number of analysts recommending buy/hold/sell; earning estimates; consensus EPS trends; EPS surprise and historical EPS surprises; plus earnings comparisons to industry

  • StrikeIron Zacks EPS Consensus Premium Web Service, which includes current consensus on EPS estimates; estimates added, removed, changed, revised; perspectives on 30-day, quarter, 6 month, this year and coming year; long-term growth consensus
  • “The amount of data and the changes within the investment markets make having on-demand data critical for more timely and informed financial decisions,” said Richard Holcomb, chairman and CEO of StrikeIron, in a statement. “Furthermore, customers can be assured of the Web service’s reliability, performance, and security through the StrikeIron Web Services Business Network.”

    Next TechExec Set for Nov. 10

    The next TechExec, a networking event for c-level executives, will take place at SAS on Nov. 10.

    The TechExecs are a joint venture between ClearImage and Local Tech Wire.

    Attendance is by invitation only.

    A Stunning Development for LEA

    Law Enforcement Associates announced plans to develop a new type of stun gun on Wednesday, and the news sparked a surge of more than 50 percent in the firm’s stock price. Shares of LEA (OTCBB: LENF) skyrocketed $1.04 to close at $2.95.

    LEA said the guns will be both “effective and safe” and will be based on “new technology” that operates at less than 25 percent of the power used by Taser International, the stun gun market leader. LEA’s weapons will be based on what it called “Fused Muscle Tetany” which uses research from James McNulty Jr. who holds a patent on how stun gun shocks affect the body.

    Tetany means “a condition of intermittent muscular spasms of the voluntary muscles”, says my Concise Oxford English Dictionary.

    The new device should be available by March of next year, LEA said.

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