RF Micro Devices, a developer of wireless communications gear, will be part of the wireless local area network solution for new Nintendo DS systems.

The Greensboro firm said Wednesday that it has begun shipping transceivers for use in the 802.11. WLAN equipment for the Nintendo game system.

The Nintendo DS is a handheld device.

Nintendo DS users will not only be able to play games with others in range of the device but also exchange chat, text messages, handwriting and drawings. It also supports voice commands.

“RFMD’s energy-efficient wireless device enables Nintendo to include wireless technology in the Nintendo DS handheld at a low cost,” said Satoru Okada, general manager, research and engineering at Nintendo, in a statement. “The embedded wireless functionality will enable developers to create rich game designs which were not considered possible in the past, further expanding the fascinating world of
Nintendo DS.”

RFMD: www.rfmd.com