WILMINGTON,Ludo Reynders, the new president and CEO of aaiPharma, is wasting no time exerting control over the company.

aaiPharma, its stock plunging below $2 a share after months of financial troubles and changes in management, said Wednesday that it had retained Rothschild Inc. to evaluate “potential asset divestitures.”

aaiPharma said is considering “a potential simplification” through “divesting businesses and assets that the company may determine are no longer strategic to its long-term business plan.”

“A successful conclusion to this process, if pursued, will enable management to refocus and devote all of its attentions to positioning the company for profitable growth,” Reynders said in a statement. “We feel that as a highly regarded global investment bank, Rothschild Inc. is uniquely suited to assist us in this process.”

aaiPharma: www.aaipharma.com