Arnot Health, a medical center and services group in Elmira, NY, is the first purchaser of a new product offering from Misys Healthcare Systems that links patient records at physician offices and emergency care facilities.

Misys says its Optimum service interconnects care facilities for the sharing of electronic health records and clinical data. The offering thus links community-based physicians and other caregivers in acute care.

“The IT investment demonstrates our strong commitment to establishing a community-shared EHR accessed by both our hospital-based and community-based doctors to assure continuity of care,” said Anthony Cooper, chief executive officer at Arnot Ogden Medical Center.

“We’re excited about Misys Optimum, which mirrors our own long-term approach to manage safer care and minimize medical errors. The efficient exchange of just-in-time data across all care delivery settings promises countless benefits to patients and caregivers alike,” he added.

Arnot Ogden Medical Center works with more than 300 physicians who work in more than 50 different practices.

Misys Healthcare: