Editor’s note: LTW BioWatch is a regular feature on Fridays.The University of Utah Center for Human Toxicology will use an information management system from Raleigh-based ChemWare as part of its sports medicine research and testing laboratory, ChemWare says.

The system is known as Horizon. It is used in five of the top 25 environmental labs in North America,

The center was started as part of a project for the Salt Lake Organizing Committee through the United States Olympic Committee and is seeking is accreditation from the World Anti-Doping Agency. Only one other facility in the US is accredited.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to work with leading agencies and scientists to help in the fight against doping in sports,” said Sharyn Brunk, President and CEO of ChemWare, in a statement. “ChemWare has demonstrated leadership in delivering the highest practical level of automation, data defensibility and data security within the drug testing community.”

The Horizon system includes an integrated analytical data management system, utilizing a patented print-to-database technology for automated capture of documents, photos, reports and other output from PCs, instruments and other computerized devices and applications.

“ChemWare has been automating forensic drug testing and other healthcare laboratories since the mid-1980s, so their domain expertise is a vital asset to this project,” said Denny Crouch, Co-Director at the Center for Human Toxicology. “We were most impressed, though, by their long-term investment in technologies for flexible workflow modeling, regulatory-compliant electronic records management, and fully automated data validation and reporting.”

ChemWare, which was founded in 1987, offers a wide variety of information management solutions.

ChemWare: www.chemware.com