ALPHARETTA,The FDA has approved Proxima Therapeutics’ new balloon-like catheter device that is designed to deliver radiation treatment to breast cancer patients.

The MammoSite device is an improvement on earlier versions with a thinner catheter shaft and a smaller balloon profile. Proxima says the device will provide a less-invasive means of delivering partial breast irradiation to women with early stage breast cancer.

The first such device was approved in 2002. Proxima says the radiation is an option to conventional six-week course of external beam radiation therapy.

“With this new generation of MammoSite we are able to ensure that our patients receive the prescribed radiation therapy, but in a more comfortable manner,” said Timothy Patrick, president and chief executive officer of Proxima, in a statement. “Proxima is committed to providing patients with a less-invasive, five-day radiation treatment while they are combating their disease.”