SBC Park, the home field for the National League Sam Francisco Giants, has been turned into one of the world’s biggest “hot spots”.

Using technology from Nortel, the Giants have built a wireless local area network encompassing the stadium. The team says the stadium is now on one the world’s biggest facilities offering universal public wireless services.

Among the features the Giants are offering over the network is “Giants Digital Dugout” which provides replays and other information to fans using wireless devices. Suites at the stadium are equipped with computers, flat-panel displays and other wireless accessories.

“When we opened SBC Park in 2000, our goal was to be one of the most technologically-advanced sports facilities in the world,” said Larry Baer, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the San Francisco Giants, in a statement. “Through the use of wireless, digital and online technology, we have greatly enhanced the fan experience.

“Working with Nortel Networks, we have been able to bring the game closer to the fans in a way that no other ballpark is able to do today,” he added. “We are now looking to expand the wireless services to allow our fans to order food online, keep track of the game and watch instant video replays.”

The Nortel wireless solution is part of the SBC FreedomLink Wi-Fi services. SBC is one of the four major Bell operating companies.