JBoss, a developer of open source Java applications, has joined the Eclipse Foundation.

The group is focused on development of a universal platform for tools integration. JBoss said it will contribute code toward the J2EE (enterprise Java) project.

Also this week, JBoss released its Application Server 4.0 for the enterprise. The serve had to pass 23,000 tests to achieve certification for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition.

“Open source is rapidly moving beyond Linux and the operating system into middleware. As a company at the forefront of this second generation of open source, JBoss is focused on building an entire open source middleware stack with JBoss AS as the foundation,” said Marc Fleury, chairman and CEO of JBoss, in a statement. “JBoss AS 4.0, the culmination of nearly three years of research in aspect orientation, showcases JBoss’ ability to innovate ahead of the market and deliver a uniquely architected product that significantly enhances flexibility and combines the simplicity of standard Java with the power of the J2EE platform.”

JBoss: www.jboss.com