Mi-Co, which recently landed a contract with the US Department of Agriculture as part of a data effort focused on Mad Cow disease, is forming a strategic alliance with a Virginia firm for penetration of the federal government market.

ASM Research, which is based in Fairfax, says it sees opportunities to expand use of Mi-Co’s digital writing and forms among federal agency users.

“This is a major step for Mi-Co because working closely with the governmental systems integrators will open up new markets and new agencies, building upon the work Mi-Co has done with the US Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies,” Barrett Joyner, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Mi-Co, tells Local Tech Wire.

“When we first met with ASM we actually met with three of their excellent consultants named, John, Paul and George. We decided then if Mi-Co supplied the drummer that we would have a hit on our hands.”

Mi-Co says an advantage in working with ASM is its 30-year record of working with federal agencies in providing information technology solutions.

“Mi-Forms, plus ASMR’s project management and solution implementation skills can significantly reduce the Federal Government’s costs of capturing data,” says Jim Clary, CEO of Mi-Co. “This will enable all Government agencies to make a smooth transition from their traditional paper-based forms data collection processes to completely electronic forms-based processes. Lowering the effort and time required to manually enter handwritten forms data and re-type the information into computer systems can save the Government extraordinary amounts of time and money.”

ASM clients include the Department of Defense, each of the military services, and other civilian agencies.

“When we first analyzed Mi-Co’s flagship software, the Mi-Forms System, we realized that the combination of a handwriting interface with new mobile data capture platforms (like the Tablet PCs and the Digital Pens) could really save our clients time and money,” says Jeri Lassiter, president ASM. “Plus, with such state of the art technology we are extremely pleased that Mi-Co already had some strategic customers in the Federal marketplace. One Government agency has already demonstrated a 60 percent reduction in
data collection time by using the Mi-Forms system. At ASM we want to bring those types of positive results to our clients.”

Mi-Co: www.mi-corporation.com