Internet Security Systems is rolling out a new security device designed for use in supporting up to 100 remote officers.

ISS says the Proventia M10 will provide the level of security available for enterprise headquarters. The company says remote offices sometimes lack the same defenses or the same level of attention that is paid to defending networks.

The Proventia M10 also dispenses with the need to maintain separate gateway, network firewall, anti-virus and intrusion prevention at these remote offices.

“The Proventia M10 integrated security appliance is designed for large organizations with hundreds or thousands of remote branches. The ability to centrally manage the devices from a single source takes away the resource and cost burdens from remote offices, reducing the total cost of ownership usually associated with rolling out a complete security solution,” said Greg Adams, vice president of product development, at ISS, in a statement. “Not only is the Proventia M10 simple to install and manage – it provides out of the box preemptive protection against a wide range of sophisticated new Internet threats.”

The device supports up to 100 nodes.

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