Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2 from Ubisoft, which has an operation in the Triangle where Clancy-related games were first developed, will feature a new voice application in its PlayStation 2 release.

Fonix VoiceIn, from Fonix, uses less memory and processing power and makes the game more realistic, says Fonix. The game is to be released in November and is the latest in a series of Ghost Recon titles.

Clancy titles were first developed by red Storm Entertainment, which was purchased by UbiSoft.

“Fonix VoiceIn’s easy development platform allowed our team to focus on developing a really cool game with an exciting, accessible play interface rather than allotting resources to tweak the speech engine,” said Helene Juguet, director of brand marketing for Ubisoft. “Voice recognition has become one of Ghost Recon players’ favorite features. Fonix VoiceIn provides accurate recognition as well as an easier set of development tools, and we didn’t need to spend time customizing the recognition engine.”