Quaero, a provider of services designed to improve marketing performance, is cited as the “Steppin’ Out” company in a forthcoming book about customer relationship management.

The book is “CRM at the Speed of Light: Essential Customer Strategies for the 21st Century” by Paul Greenberg. McGraw-Hill/Osborne is the publisher. This is the third edition of the book.

Quaero is featured in chapter 5: “Enterprise Marketing Management: Finally getting the message?”

“Quaero. is my Steppin’ Out choice for this chapter. I’m sure there are others, but none stand out as well,” Greenberg said in a statement. “Quaero focuses on strategic marketing solutions and does them very well with a uniquely successful approach and a client list to die for. They are also up and coming on fast.”

Greenberg said Quaero is a “full service” marketing consultancy and its “crown jewel” is a hosted relationship marketing service, Quaero SpringBoard. He also cites a white paper about CRM from Quaero as an “excellent” one that “identifies the elements as both financial and strategic when making the case.”

For more about the book and the white paper, see: www.quaero.com