PowerBy Hand, a developer and provider of content and solutions for mobile devices, will use AdBureau from Accipiter to deliver ads across its online sites.

AdBureau is a web-based, hosted solution that includes real-time reports.

PowerByHand will also use Accipiter’s geo-targeting service.

“Each individual brand was using its own in-house solution to serve online advertising,” said Jim Harvey, senior vice president, consumer and developer services at PowerByHand. “We wanted one ad management solution that would allow us to offer advertisers the ability to target a valuable consumer network of mobile device owners.”

PowerByHand’s five sites are: www.palmgear.com, www.ereader.com, www.pocketgear.com, www.smartphone.net and www.mobile2day.de

PowerByHand: www.powerbyhand.com

Accipiter: www.accipiter.com