James Otvos, founder of LipoScience, has received the annual reward from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in its Lipoproteins and Vascular Disease Division.

Otvos developed nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy that is used in cardiovascular testing. The test is designed to help identify patients who are at moderate to high risk for developing heard disease.

Some 1.2 million LipoProfile tests have been conducted. The tests measure the “containers” that transport cholesterol through the body. So-called LDL-P, or bad cholesterol, is an indicator of developing heart disease.

“This award recognizes significant contributions to the science of laboratory medicine,” said G. Russell Warnick, head of the Pacific Biometrics Research Foundation, which also sponsors the award. “Dr. Otvos, instrumental in developing the NMR method for quantitation of lipoprotein subclasses, has pioneered an innovative technology that will likely have other important applications in improving medical diagnostics.”

Otvos is executive vice president and chief scientific officer at LipoScience and also is an adjunct professor of biochemistry at North Carolina State.

LipoScience: www.liposcience.com