David Kelly, a former executive with Schering-Plough, has joined Embrex as senior product development director for its Inovocox product.

Inovocox is an in ovo (in egg) vaccine for fighting a parasite called coccidiosis. Kelly has been involved in programs related to the parasite.

“Embrex’s innovative approach to treating coccidiosis intrigues me because of its ease of delivery and because it provides a new option to producers who may want to reduce their reliance on chemical compounds currently used to treat this harmful parasite,” Kelly said in a statement. “My work will include further analysis of the global coccidiosis market with an initial focus on the United States, evaluation of the product’s benefits to producers, and how to commercialize it upon approval from the USDA. I believe this product has a great deal of potential to benefit to the poultry industry.”

Embrex: www.Embrex.com