SAS, working with World-Check, says it is adding enhancements to its anti-money laundering solutions for financial institutions.

According to SAS, the improvements mean banks and other institutions can “more quickly pinpoint high-risk persons and entities”.

SAS is integrating enhancements from World-Check, a company that collects information about individuals and businesses in more than 230 countries who are linked to money laundering or represent risks.
The World-Check database includes information from more than 140,000 sources and is updated daily.

SAS is also using information from DataFlux, a SAS subsidiary, to “parse, cleanse and standardize customer data and the World-Check database,” SAS says. “The customizable DataFlux matching technology takes into account misspellings, nicknames, transpositions, language-sensitive derivation and other common errors and omissions that may thwart traditional matching techniques.”