PALO ALTO,Foresight Institute, a think tank that focuses on Nanotechnology, will present a conference of advanced Nanotechnology applications and policy this fall.

The conference is set for Oct 22-24 at the Crystal City Marriott Hotel in suburban Washington, DC.

“This is the first conference to focus on molecular machine systems and advanced Nanotechnology,” said Christine Peterson, president and founder of Foresight Institute, in a statement. “The Conference targets the bottom-up goal of molecular machine systems and what this Next Industrial Revolution will mean for the environment, medicine, national competitiveness, and defense.”

The schedule includes:

  • Day One: 1st Symposium on Molecular Machine Systems, chaired by William A. Goddard III (Caltech) and Ralph Merkle (Georgia Tech), will focus on technical research on advanced Nanotechnology.

  • Day Two: 1st Forum on Molecular Manufacturing Applications, chaired by Patrick Parker (Naval Postgraduate School) and Brad Templeton (Electronic Frontier Foundation), will discuss the applications and uses for advanced Nanotechnology.

  • Day Three: 1st Forum on Advanced Nanotechnology Policy, chaired by Glenn Reynolds (U. Tenn.) and Howard Lovy (NanoBot), will focus on what policies need to be in place for advanced Nanotechnology.
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