Internap, a provider of high-performance routing solutions over the Internet, is rolling out a product it says accelerates performance of wide area networks.

Its Flow Control Xcelerator application is designed to help move time-sensitive applications such as collaborative business to the Net. Internap said the Xcelerator reduces network latency and improves bandwidth utilization, improving WAN performance by 20 times vs. the four-time improvement of some compression technologies.

Internap said the technology is also applicable to business continuity, digital asset management, engineering collaboration and software engineering.

“The original TCP-IP protocol was designed for local area networks and was never meant to support the transport of large data files across long distances,” said Ali Marashi, chief technical officer of Internap, in a statement. “Our new Flow Control Xcelerator mitigates the limitations of TCP and improves the flow of data between multiple, distant network locations, providing LAN-like throughput over any distance.”

One customer was able to improve transport time of large files from Los Angeles to Los Angeles to 10 megabytes per second vs. 600 kilobytes before, Internap said.

Internap cited figures from IDC saying the market for WAN optimization will be $427 million by 2008, up from $236 million in 2004.