Chorus Systems, an RTP startup that has developed applications to keep enterprise networks up and running, is now an IBM Autonomic Computing Business Partner.
Chorus can now utilize autonomic capabilities within IBM products.

“We believe that one of the key enablers for autonomic computing is the ability to use machine intelligence to analyze the state of a machine at a detailed level and to accurately diagnose problems. Our Uptime product does exactly that, allowing us to trigger and/or implement automated responses that are safe and surgically precise,” said Dave Hooks, CTO of Chorus Systems, in a statement. “We are excited about the opportunity to use our unique technology to complement IBM’s autonomic solutions, providing proactive analysis and remediation.”

Uptime monitors automatically detects, diagnoses, and responds to harmful changes in
the network or computers before business disruptions are experienced.

Chorus said it would complement IBM autonomic solutions with Uptime’s automated characteristics, including:

  • Monitoring, detection, root cause analysis, and remediation of endpoint computing problems.

  • Protection against user error and malware.

  • Reporting of anomalies, health, performance, and custom metrics.
  • Chorus Systems: