Affinergy, a developer of biomaterial coatings for synthetic devices such as artificial joints, continues to raise money at a fast pace.

The startup, which has licensed technology from Duke University, has raised another $1 million on top of the $1 million it disclosed in April.

MCNC, Wilmington Investor Network, Trinity Healthcare and Charleston Angel Partners are among the investors. Affinergy has also raised money from several individuals.

Affinergy announced the raising of its first million dollars about 10 weeks after it gained license to the so-called bioglue technology.

“MCNC believes that Affinergy’s technology has tremendous potential across numerous large markets,” said Dave Rizzo, president and CEO of MCNC Research and Development Institute, which led the round. “We are excited about the combination of a platform technology, large unmet commercial needs, and a strong management team.”

Peyton Anderson, Affinergy’s CEO, was one of four founders who launched SciQuest. He joined Affinergy last September. The company hired two senior executives earlier this month and also closed on a $150,000 loan from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

Rizzo also said that he believes MCNC can work with Affinergy in the area of biosensors.

Affinergy said the money would be used to fund commercial applications, pre-clinical trials and commercial partner agreements.

The investment is the first for the Wilmington group, which goes by the acronym WIN.