Sprint is adding additional services and features to its wireless digital network — faster video streaming and BlackBerry access for corporate networks.

Sprint and BlackBerry announced Monday morning that Sprint PCS will support BlackBerry services that permit access to corporate networks. BlackBerry permits email, phone, corporate data, calendar, corporate contact, text messaging and other Internet applications.

“Sprint recognizes that the BlackBerry solution has a strong following with many enterprise customers, including government, financial and legal services,” said Tim Donahue, vice president of enterprise marketing for Sprint Business Solutions. “By combining this popular platform with the clarity and breadth of the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, Sprint can provide an attractive wireless offering to better serve these customers.”

BlackBerry integrates with such offerings as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino.

Sprint is also adding a faster version of video streaming over phones from Samsung. The service supports 15 frames per second compared to TV quality of 20 frames per second.
Sprint offers a subscription service of $9.99 a month for the TV video offering that includes content from NBC News, Fox Sports and The Weather Channel. Other premium services are also available.

Sprint: www.sprint.com