The lineup of speakers and topics to be discussed is set for a biotech conference in the Queen City that is set for Sept. 14.

“Charlotte’s Emerging Role in Biotechnology 2004” will take place at the Barnhardt Center at the UNC Charlotte Campus. The event is put on by UNC Charlotte’s Office of Technology Transfer, UNC Charlotte College of Information Technology, the Business Innovation & Growth Council, Carolinas, Healthcare System, and the Small Business and Technology Development Center

Speakers and topics include:

  • Dr. Juan Anguita, UNC Charlotte, on immunosuppression strategies

  • Dr. Michael Hudson, UNC Charlotte, on use of staph aureus components for enhanced adhesion of bone-forming cells to orthopedic implants

  • Dr. Thomas Masters of Heineman Medical research Laboratories on angiogenesis and revascularizing of the hear

  • Dr. Yevette Huet-Hudson of UNC Charlotte on success for in-vitro fertilization

  • Dr. Nigel Walker, National Institute of Environmental Health Scienes on safety and nanotechnology

  • Dr. Don deBethizy, president and CEO of Targacept, on the Targacept story

  • Dr. Larry Mays, UNC Charlotte, on bioinformatics roadmap

  • Susan Flood, lead strategist at SAS, on the future of bioinformatics

  • Gahreng Kong, Intersouth Partners, on investment and market trends in biotechnology

  • John Crumpler, HBM Bio, on a new way to invest in bitotechnology
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