DAVIDSON,Customer Connet Services, a customer relationship management firm, is offering a new web-based survey tool for businesses that want to measure customer satisfaction.

“Spotlight Surveys” are designed for businesses that have between 50 and 1,000 clients.

Responses are color-coded to alert businesses to potential problems with individual customers.

Customer Connect deployed the survey form in a trial with a firm over the past year and in that time the client saw its “Very Dissatisfied” customer responses reduced to 19 percent from 36 percent.

Customer Connect quoted the client’s chief marketing officer as saying: “The Stoplight Surveys have been incredibly useful in developing both tactical and strategic plans. Because of their simplicity and the way Customer Connect promoted them to our clients, we received a response rate of 79 percent and have taken steps that have clearly resulted in retaining many at risk clients.”

Customer Connect: www.customerconnect.com