FORT MYERS,CallMiner, a speech analytics software firm, has raised $2 million in A round financing.

Intersouth Partners of Durham participated in the round.

Inflexion Partners, a Florida-based firm, led the round/
John Glushik of Intersouth joins the CallMiner board along with Dan Rua, managing partner of Inflexion. Rua is a former entrepreneur who worked in Research Triangle Park.

“The business intelligence market is one of the fastest-growing technology sectors,” Glushik said in a statement. “CallMiner’s product and market strategy were conceived through direct experience with call center customers. The product has been validated by customers who are seeing both cost and revenue benefits. We think this is a great opportunity in the analytics market. “

CallMiner said the funds would be used to expand sales channels and expand marketing efforts.

The company was founded in 2002. Its software is designed to “mine” call-center recordings to develop what it calls “actionable” business intelligence.

“In CallMiner, we see an opportunity on several levels – the company has tapped an enormous market opportunity, has strategically leveraged investment from the founders and angels, and has defined the playing field for call mining,” Rua said in a statement. “We’re excited to partner with an experienced founding team and strong co-investors.”