Imerys, an international mineral firm with its US headquarters in Atlanta, has signed a three-year contract for an Internet Protocol based network from AT&T.

The deal is valued at $2.25 million.

Imerys has locations in 37 countries. Some 50 sites will be linked through AT&T’s Global Managed Internet Service. The network will include data and voice services.

Imerys said the network would be used for real-time interaction among its engineers for operation of mines and to provision resources.

“AT&T’s networking solution is flexible and reliable, and it’s our goal to bring cost-effective and innovative solutions to all aspects of our business operations,” said Errol Correa, chief information officer of Imerys, in a statement. “Our network has grown along with the business, so it’s important that we use a data networking solution that delivers enhanced performance and the capabilities we need.”