Red Hat introduced what it called a low-cost application server at LinuxWorld in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Red Hat Application Server is intended to provide a “commercially supported, lightweight and lower cost” product. The Linux software developer also said the server would help its partners and open source developers “create quality enterprise options for customers building Open Source Architectures.”

“Customers have been asking for an open source application server that is fully interoperable with existing J2EE (Java) vendors, so that they can leverage open source where possible while protecting legacy investments,” said Paul Cormier, executive vice president of engineering at Red Hat, in a statement. “The open source web and Java communities are flourishing and expanding with organizations such as Apache, ObjectWeb and Eclipse driving the innovation. The application server was a natural next step for open source.”

Red Hat said other J2EE applications from BEA, IBM and Oracle would be included in the new server “to help enable seamless interoperability”.

Red Hat: