Chorus Systems, which has developed technology to maintain uptime for enterprise networks, has formed a partnership with a Virginia IT firm that targets the federal government sector.

Command Decisions Systems and Solutions (CDS2) will act as a representative for Chorus’ patent-pending Uptime software.

Uptime monitors, detects, diagnoses, and responds to harmful changes in a network before a disruption occurs.

“Uptime is truly an advanced technology solution – it puts the help desk ahead of the user, equipped with complete forensic capabilities and history adapted at both the specific desktop and network community levels,” said Barbara Hennessy, president of CDS2. “Uptime takes the guess work out of interpreting and relaying the user described symptoms to determine the root cause of problems … developing a knowledge base of diagnosed patterns and corrective action recommended within a specific user community.”

CDS2 is based in Chantilly, VA.

Chorus Systems: